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Talent & Organizational Solutions

A different kind of talent company….

Bjornson and Associates Inc. provide leaders and their teams with sustainable and resilient talent and organizational solutions.

With 19 years of providing trusted HR professional services to management and executive levels we have the experience you can count on during growth, restructuring or downsizing periods.

In 2006 we established a Talent and Coaching Services Company to provide clients with sustainable and forward-looking talent and organizational solutions.  We teach and coach clients to hire, retain and develop people, ensuring sustainable solutions. Increases in productivity, customer service, efficiency and sales are among the benefits.

We believe in giving you the best up to date and relevant information with access to our team of preferred professionals who specialize in: Recruitment and On-Boarding, Outplacement, Employment Engagement, Team Development, Career Planning, Leadership, Employee Relations, Investigations, Business Development, Team Building, Diversity and Organizational Culture, and Performance Development, to name a few.

Bjornson and Associates Inc. provide sustainable and forward-looking talent and organizational solutions.

Ask us about our team, career and organizational programs.

People Development

Training – Leadership Development, Wellness Seminars, Behavioral Interviewing, Teambuilding, Diversity, HR Management
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Coaching Teams & Systems

ORSC Team / Systems Coaching is an integrated and robust coaching model based on Relationship Systems IntelligenceTM.

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Tools – Employee Engagement Surveys, Assessments for job fit, Company Audits, General Intelligence Assessments, Team Culture and Career Audit.
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